5 Ways Locksmiths Open Locked Cars

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If you have ever asked yourself how do locksmiths open locked vehicles, the answer may be much more straightforward than you imagined.

There are a large number of ways auto locksmiths open locked vehicles, five of which we have covered below. 

Car key re-programming

Today, the vast majority of vehicles use a keyless entry system allowing for straightforward access to anyone locked out of their car. The re-programming process should be simple enough for a locksmith experienced in keyless entry and involves re-programming the system to open the vehicle without causing any damage.

New key cutting

Whether lost, stolen or accidentally broken, an auto locksmith can typically cut you a new set of vehicle keys without any trouble, even if you lack the original.

At Open Door Auto Ltd, we offer a mobile car key cutting service to customers in Rhondda Cynon Taff. We have the tools and equipment to cut and program keys for any model and can often perform the work while you wait.

Long reach tools or a slim jim

Ever asked yourself how do locksmiths open locked cars when the lock system is damaged? The answer is often with a long reach tool or slim jim.

Inserted between the glass and the weather stripping of the car’s window, a slim jim is one of the most straightforward ways auto locksmiths open locked vehicles. However, despite the process appearing relatively easy, it still requires an experienced locksmith to carry out. Anyone attempting to use a long reach tool or slim jim to open a car without the sufficient training is very likely to damage the electrical system or airbags.

Wafer lockpicking tools

Often known as Lishi tools, wafer lockpicking tools are designed to pick the thin brass wafer in the car door to regain access.

However, such tools are often expensive, model specific and typically involve a large degree of training to use efficiently, and as a result, are often not used if an alternative option is available.

Immobiliser Re-flashing 

An immobiliser, otherwise known as a theft deterrent, is a device designed to prevent a vehicle from starting if a car thief attempts to steal it. If something goes wrong with the immobiliser, which prevents the vehicle owner from starting the car, then the services of an auto locksmith are often required. 

When such a situation occurs, an experienced locksmith can often re-flash the immobiliser to allow vehicle access once again.

How do locksmiths open locked vehicles: final thoughts

We hope our informative guide has provided you with a clearer insight into the many ways auto locksmiths open locked vehicles.

At Open Door Auto Ltd, we have built a reputation as reliable car locksmiths throughout Rhondda Cynon Taff. We provide essential car key replacements any time of the day or night, finding you and your vehicle wherever you might be. We can also recover keys locked in cars without causing any damage alongside an extensive range of other car locksmith solutions. 

We are a fully mobile service able to undertake the work outside your home, work or any location, saving you money as there is no need to arrange recovery.

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